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Customers tell him that its the warmth

Its had only one refurbishment in a quarter of a century. The shops trade on weekends is not as good as on weekdays, but the owner is blind to this, thinking that people arent around in the suburb on weekends.IMAGINE A TAKE AWAY shop around the corner that makes the most amazing hamburgers. The Chinese Malay restaurant has a massive support base of customers who tell others and bring their friends, who also get hooked on the love and passion that the restaurant brings. Its been operating for 25 years in an area thats experienced massive demographic change, huge infrastructure developments and increasing competition. A Big Mac tastes the same in Sydney as it does in London, as it does in Toronto. The owner probably hasnt read any books on how to win customers and keep them for life his secret is simple. Its a comfortable experience.
Real loyalty comes about when a perfectly refined system delivers an exceptional product or service consistently, every time that product is sold. With only small local variations, every burger is offered in a bundle of the same options, the world over. To build true customer loyalty, like the Chinese Malay restaurant has, the key is to love and embrace customers as if they were family, not just another transaction. When other Chinese restaurants are too big, too fast, or too Westernised to give any feeling of empathy, this tiny restaurant in the eastern suburbs of Sydney creates the feeling that every customer is a close relative whos come over for a family meal. Lets consider the case of McDonalds, which has more than 30,000 outlets across the world and serves nearly fifty million customers every day. In all of the business jargon, systems, procedures, and fancy xafsing, we sometimes lose focus of the fact that our customers want simple things. He treats customers as if they were in his own home. He flattens it and cooks it right before your eyes. Theres nothing extraordinary about the furnishing or aesthetics in this restaurant. The owner often asks his visitors, Why do you travel all this way to dine? Dont you have a good Chinese restaurant near your home?
Customers tell him that its the warmth, honesty and passionate service that makes them feel relaxed and content when dining there. They want to eat at McDonalds because its predictable and consistent. This is the amazingly simple truth about his success: he treats others how theyd like to be treated. They may not love the food, but they go back for more (especially if they have young children). Thats how to make customers become evangelists! . Generally, the weekend workers make the patties smaller, give you burnt pieces of bacon, and buns that are dry from being under the grill too long. Yet people travel from all over Sydney to dine there, including rich and famous politicians and celebrities. The meat is always fresh the owner scoops out a ball of mince mixed that morning with special spices and onions. He makes an exceptional product, but has failed to systemise processes so that others in his business can make burgers like his. Lets revisit our local friend who owns the take away shop around the corner. When you take the food home, what you ordered for yourself is enough to feed an entire family! However, you never go to this take away shop on weekends, because the owner doesnt work weekends.
The chips you get with the burger are a massive serving covered in a generous amount of salt and wrapped in big sheets of butchers paper. Yes, he achieves some measure of customer loyalty, but only to his individual ability to make a great burger. Sound familiar? It should. The buns are so big they can carry a large meat patty, lashings of bacon, melted cheese, salad and condiments. Treat them like family But you dont have to be big to be beautiful. He may have a far better tasting product than the McDonalds burger, but cant grow his business beyond his own grill. I PU anti-fatigue mat know of a wonderful Chinese Malay restaurant in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. McDonalds created a burger, systemised the whole process from ordering produce, to what goes in that burger, to what that burger is cooked on, to how it is packaged and sold. It uses simple round tables covered with heavily starched white tablecloths. The secret behind McDonalds success is not how good their food tastes, but in the consistency of their products and service. He might feel good about that, but it doesnt make a healthy business.

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