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The spa may not seem like the manliest place on the ship, but look at it this way: ladies love a man with soft kissable skin! Most cruise line spas now offer treatments just for men that offer a masculine focus on what was once primarily feminine territory. Virtually every cruise to Alaska, the Caribbean and Mexican Riviera offers fishing excursions. A number of cruise lines offer wine seminars, wine flight tasting sessions, and some cruises are known to have wine experts onboard who will teach the finer points of wine tasting. On a cruise vacation its sure to be love at first bite as men wine and dine on gourmet fare. The good life indeed. Most cruise ships offer 24 hour room service, which is included in the price. Treatments include a pro collagen shave, frangipani hair conditioning, facials, and aroma stone therapy massage great after a hardcore workout in the gym.
For the more sophisticated palate, wine Yoga mat tasting opportunities abound. Still, theres one type of shore excursion that tends to be the manliest of them all fishing. Additionally most cruise lines offer rentals of equipment everything from clubs to shoes. The best part is that there is virtually no limit on what or how much one can order. The message is clear: Dont miss the boat, man! . Contrary to popular belief, its quite easy to stick to a healthy diet and still enjoy all the good stuff. Most cruise lines offer low calorie and spa type cuisine in addition to their regular menu. Most cruise lines allow guests a choice of where to dine either in a traditional dining room, small specialty venue or in a casual eatery. In the Caribbean, depending upon the island, cruise vacationers can fish for bonefish, sailfish, wahoo, grouper, snapper, and tuna. Additionally, most offer a fine selection of cognacs to go along with the cigars. Fine dining Theres no better way to win a mans heart than through his stomach.Contrary to popular belief, cruising isnt just a womans vacation.
Theres no better way to work off that sumptuous cruise cuisine than doing a few laps around a track atop the ships upper deck, breathing in fresh sea air and taking in amazing ocean views. Adventurous shore excursions Its no secret that men like some adventure on vacation and a number of cruise lines offer shore excursions that dont leave the testosterone at the dock. Theres just something about guys bonding over fish stories. A number of cruises also offer the services of a certified golf professional, who conducts private lessons, specialty golf clinics and putting contests; accompanies golfers on golf excursions; and organizes golf tournaments. For example, golfers can play a variety of beautiful and challenging courses throughout the Caribbean, Canada, Hawaii, Mexico and Europe on select cruises offered by a number of cruise lines. Golfing You cant practice your drives off the back of the ship, but many cruise lines are adding many more golf opportunities to their itineraries. Most cruise ships also feature cigar bars with wood paneled walls and sumptuous leather chairs that offer an expansive assortment of stogies to choose from.
In Alaska, there are fishing trips in every port with opportunities to catch king salmon, coho salmon, and halibut. Additionally, depending upon the cruise itinerary, some shore excursions offer visits to wineries or fine dining establishments with world class wine cellars. There are hiking, zip lining, mountain biking, SCUBA, kayaking, river rafting, race car driving, and dune buggy adventures, just to name a few. Some ships offer V1 Digital Coaching System, swing analysis software that captures the golfers swing and puts it up on a split screen for analysis and comparison with legendary golfers and the hotshots on tour. Look past the Lido Deck and the umbrella drinks, and youll find that some cruises offer plenty of opportunities to celebrate such traditionally male pursuits as golf, basketball, fishing, and of course round the clock dining. Have the late night munchies?
Check out the late night dining venues, or order room service. Vice time: wine, beer, cigars There is no shortage of bars on most cruise ships. A number of cruise lines have brewer showcases of signature and specialty beers with many offering onboard beer tastings. In the Mexican Riviera the port stops of Cabo San Lucas and Mazatlan, manly guests have opportunities to seek out deep water fishing for big game fish like marlin. Fitness center and spa Want to continue that workout at sea? Todays cruise ships offer a cornucopia of exercise options from terrific jogging tracks and basketball courts to state of the art gyms and equipment.

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